• Added: Enhanced expert mode to create and adjust complex views using a comfortable text input field.

Admin tasks

  • Added: It is possible to specify a custom view export name for the administrative tasks "Export view result via mail" and "Save view results in the file system" (UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Administrative Tasks).

UMS common

  • Updated: Apache Tomcat from version 8.5.61 to 8.5.66

UMS Web App

Master Profiles

  • Added: Master profile tree 
  • Added: Master profile list
  • Added: Master profile details

Quick Jump

  • Added: Quick Jump from profile and master profile to devices
  • Added: Quick Jump from device to the assigned profiles


  • Added: Profile directory details in the Configuration app
  • Added: Filtering of activated settings is now possible.


  • Added: Last Contact (last time an endpoint successfully communicated with the UMS) is now displayed in the device properties section.


  • Changed: New icon set has been implemented to improve accessibility.