Console (common)

  • Fixed: The UMS Update Check is now able to use a proxy. When a firmware update proxy is defined, the Update Check uses this proxy to verify whether there is a new UMS version available.
  • Fixed: Plenty wrong server log entries. Occurred when the UMS user had no permission to see the license tree node in the UMS Administration tree and the Advanced thin client health check was active.
  • Changed: Renamed the global permission Snapshot into WebDAV access (UMS file transfer).
  • Changed: Users without the WebDav Access permission get now a more detailed hint (message or tooltip) why they cannot perform some actions (e.g. creating a UMS file).

Server (common)

  • Fixed: Bug which led to high CPU load of the UMS server when the Advanced Health Check (UMS Console > Misc > Settings > Appearance) was enabled.
  • Updated: PostgreSQL database driver to support PostgreSQL v9.3 - v9.6 and v10.

Firmware Customization

  • Fixed: With certain permission combinations, users were not allowed to assign files to newly created firmware customizations.
  • Fixed: FileUpload via FWC-Wizard could lead to errors when the user had insufficient permissions.
  • Fixed: In Firmware Customizations, the Cancel button of the 'select file' dialog did the same as the OK button. By clicking the Cancel button, changes will now be discarded instead of accepted.

Universal Firmware Update

  • Fixed: The firmware update text viewer remembers now its size, and the text font has been changed to a monospaced font to support text formation.

IGEL Cloud Gateway

  • Fixed: Root certificates are now marked as a certificate authority.
  • Fixed: After a connection to an Igel Cloud Gateway failed with a certificate error, some threads could not be closed.

Administrative Tasks

  • Fixed: The execution time of administration tasks was reported to be in the past, although it was in the future.

    This issue occurred only for new or changed administrative tasks with execution time after 12:00 p.m. and before 12:00 a.m.
  • Fixed: Performance problem occurred when a created administrative task with action Delete logging data got an incorrect export path set.

Console (administration section)

  • Changed: Stored all license tree nodes into a new Licenses folder (UMS > UMS Administration > Global Configuration) and updated their icons.