In this area of the IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS) Console, you can configure settings for the online check for your devices, parameters for the device scan, activate the Distributed UMS feature, etc.

Menu path: UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Server Network Settings

Online Check Parameters

Disable online check

The online check is disabled.

 The online check is enabled.*

Online Check Response Timeout

Specifies how long in milliseconds the system will wait for a response to an online status query message. The UMS attempts to contact all devices that are currently visible in the UMS Console. Each device in this area must respond to the status query in the specified time or will otherwise be flagged as “offline”. Minimum: 100; maximum: 10000; default: 1000.

Changed Values on Update

The maximum and minimum value and the new default value have been introduced with UMS 6.04.100. If you update to version 6.04.100 from an older version, the value will be handled as follows:

  • If the value was between 100 and 10000, it remains unchanged.
  • If the value was lower than 100, it is changed to 100. 
  • If the value was the old default value of 100, it is changed to the new default value 1000.  
  • If the value was higher than 10000, it is changed to 10000.

Specify online check port (UDP)

 You specify the port to which the devices respond if the UMS checks their online status.

 The UMS will select any free port.*

Scheduled Jobs

Scheduled jobs never expire

No time limit for scheduled jobs*

Expiration time for scheduled jobs

Time in minutes after which a scheduled job will expire. (Default: 40)

Scan Parameters

Timeout (ms)

Specifies how long in milliseconds the UMS will wait for a response to scan packages. (Default: 6000)

Broadcast IP

Broadcast address that is used for scan packages. It is only used for scanning the local network. If IP ranges are used, the UDP packets will be sent to each client within the IP range. (Default:

Specify scan reply port (UDP)

 You specify the port to which the devices respond if the UMS scans for devices

 The UMS will select any free port.*

UMS High Availability / Distributed UMS

Distributed UMS enabled (restart of UMS Server needed on change)

 The standalone UMS Servers will work just as if they were installed as a High Availability environment if connected to the same external database. Messages between the UMS Servers will be transferred via database entries. For detailed information on the Distributed UMS, see Installing an IGEL UMS Server

For how to install the Distributed UMS or extend an existing standard UMS installation to the Distributed UMS, see Installing the Distributed IGEL UMS.

If you have a UMS High Availability installation, this checkbox will be automatically activated and cannot be disabled.

 The Distributed UMS is disabled.*

If you activated the Distributed UMS feature and have multiple UMS Servers, take care in case you decide to disable the feature. If the Distributed UMS feature is deactivated but more than one UMS Server is using the same database, no synchronization will be done between the UMS Servers.

*IGEL UMS system default