You will find the release notes for IGEL Universal Management Suite 6.10.100 both as a text file in the same folder as the installation programs on our download server and in the Knowledge Base.

Information on Network Adapters Added

In the UMS Console and the UMS Web App, you can now view details on all available network adapters of a device. This information is provided as of IGEL OS 11.07.100. See View Device Information in the IGEL UMS and Devices - View and Manage Your Endpoint Devices in the IGEL UMS Web App.

embackup.exe, ksbackup.exe, and installNetworkToken Tools Removed

Command line tools embackup.exe, ksbackup.exe, and installNetworkToken have been removed. Use the IGEL UMS Administrator Command-Line Interface instead.

Changing the Values for Custom Device Attributes

When configuring custom device attributes in the UMS Console, you can now prohibit the change of the values for the device attributes via the UMS Web App / UMS Console and allow it for devices with IGEL OS 11.07.100 or higher, see Managing Device Attributes for IGEL OS Devices. See also Devices - View and Manage Your Endpoint Devices in the IGEL UMS Web App.

AWS Aurora PostgreSQL Database Is Now Supported

You can use an AWS Aurora PostgreSQL Database as external database; see Using an AWS Aurora PostgreSQL Database with IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS).

The Distributed UMS Feature Added

With the Distributed UMS feature enabled (UMS Console > UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Server Network Settings), the standalone UMS Servers work just as if they were installed as a High Availability environment. See Installing an IGEL UMS Server and Installing the Distributed IGEL UMS.

The Distributed UMS section has also been added to the UMS Administrator, see Distributed UMS - Perform Local UMS Actions in the IGEL UMS Administrator.

UMS High Availability

In the IGEL UMS High Availability installations, messages between the UMS Servers now use the database bridge. Cross-subnet communication for UMS HA installations without UMS Load Balancers is now possible. See Installing an IGEL UMS Server.