Menu path: System > Export > Export Thin Client Settings

You can export thin client settings. All changed settings are saved in the exported file, i.e. all settings which deviate from the default values.

To export thin client settings, proceed as follows:
  1. If you would like to preselect thin client settings, highlight the desired thin clients or directories in the navigation tree.
  2. Go to System > Export > Export Thin Client Settings.
    In the Export Thin Client Settings window, the previously selected thin clients or all available thin clients will be displayed.
  3. In the Include column, select the thin clients whose settings you want to export.
  4. With Create archive, specify how the settings are to be saved:

    A dedicated XML file will be created for each thin client. The XML files will be combined in a ZIP archive.

    The settings for all thin clients will be saved in a single XML file.

  5. Click on OK and select a save location.
  6. Click on Save.