Menu path: Structure Tree > Firmware Customizations

From UMS Version 5.05.100, you can customize the user interface of your IGEL devices to suit your CD (corporate design) through firmware customization. The configuration takes place in a dedicated wizard; for a minimal configuration, only a name and a file object need to be specified.

Mode of Action

A firmware customization can be assigned to a thin client or a directory.

Firmware customizations override normal profiles but in turn can be overridden by master profiles. They are therefore between master profiles and standard profiles in terms of their priority.

Further information regarding the prioritization of profiles can be found under Prioritization of Profiles.

If several applications cases of the same type are assigned to a thin client, e.g. a background image, only the Use case with the highest priority will be effective. The priority is determined by how direct or indirect the assignment to the thin client is: A firmware customization assigned directly to the thin client has a higher priority than one which is assigned to the directory of the thin client. If both firmware customizations have the same priority, the firmware customization with the higher ID will be effective.

In order to obtain the ID of a firmware customization, move the mouse pointer over the relevant object in the structure tree.