UMS common

Asset Inventory Tracker (AIT)

  • Added: A (global) switch to enable or disable the Asset Inventory Tracker (UMS Administration > Global Configuration > UMS Features)

AD / LDAP integration

  • Added: Extended the Active Directory / LDAP-Service connection test to give better feedback (UMS Console > Administration Tree > Global Configuration > Active Directory/LDAP)
  • Added: Option to resolve AD user group dependency within multiple domains (UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Active Directory/LDAP)

Server, common

  • Added: Active Directory database users for SQL Server Cluster database type
  • Changed: The Elasticsearch log files are now also regarded when collecting the log files

High Availability Feature


  • Added: New view/search criterion: Configuration changes pending. It's now possible to filter for devices which did not get the newest configuration changes.

UMS Web App

  • Added: Introduced a new global permission "Device Bulk Action". This permission only affects the UMS Web App. Users without this permission cannot perform actions on multiple devices at once.
  • Added: New section introduced: Configuration Management. See Configuration.
    • Added: Profile tree
    • Added: Base information for profiles: settings
    • Added: Base information for profiles: template key relations
    • Added: Base information for profiles: contained files
    • Added: Base information for profiles: assigned devices
    • Added: QuickAssignment via profile section
    • Added: Editing of profile properties (not settings!)