The move provides an opportunity to remove any UMS database data which are no longer used. For example, you can

  • delete endpoint devices that no longer exist
  • delete profiles that are no longer used
  • remove files and firmware updates that are no longer needed

It is highly recommended to create a backup before carrying out the cleanup (as a backup of the system running) and another one after the cleanup. 

  1. Create a backup before performing the move:
  2. Save the following files, e.g. to a storage medium that can be accessed during UMS HA installation:


    • [IGEL installation directory]/rmtcserver/* (includes the tc.keystore file, which is necessary for the communication with the endpoint devices)

    • [IGEL installation directory]/rmclient/cacerts

    • [IGEL installation directory]/rmguiserver/cacerts

    • [IGEL installation directory]/rmguiserver/irm_keystore

    Device licenses
    • [IGEL installation directory]/rmguiserver/webapps/e08ce61-d6df-4d2b-b44a-14c1ec722c44
    Files and firmware updates
    • [IGEL installation directory]/rmguiserver/webapps/ums_filetransfer