UMS, common

  • Fixed: Plain messages (sent to the device) are not visible. (UMS Console > Global Configuration > Messages to Devices)

UMS Web App

  • Fixed: Shadowing not working with Internet Explorer. (UMS Web App > Device > Shadowing)


  • Fixed: Under rare circumstances, manual license deployment did not work via Java Web Start. (Device context menu > License manually...)

AD / LDAP integration

  • Fixed: If multiple Active Directories with LDAP Service configuration were used, only one of the domains was working correctly. (UMS Console > Global Configuration > Active Directory / LDAP)

Server, common

  • Fixed: Having multiple device certificates could result in a 5 seconds delay for all commands. (UMS Console > Global Configuration > Certificate Management)

Administrator application

  • Fixed: Database ports for SQL Server AD connections are not editable. (UMS Administrator > Datasource)


  • Fixed: When all licenses of a pack are in use, a warning notification will be shown instead of an error notification. (UMS Console > Help > Notifications)
  • Changed: Improved notification messages for expiring licenses, packs, and certificates. (UMS Console > Help > Notifications)
  • Changed: Notification classification and management were improved. (UMS Console > Help > Notifications)