Firmware Customization Details

  • Name: Name of the firmware customization
  • Use case: “Screensaver”
  • Image: Name of the selected image files
  • Choose file: All files registered in the UMS in a suitable format (*.jpg, *bmp, *png) and for which your have authorizations are shown here.
  • Upload file: Select a file from a local directory or from the UMS server.
  • Clear: Deletes the image file shown under Image.
  • Display mode: Type of display.
    Possible options:
    • next to each other small
    • next to each other medium
    • centered in the middle
    • cut
  • Screen mode:
    • One image per monitor
    • One image for all monitors (stretched if necessary)
  • Display time: Time in seconds that an image is shown before it switches. (default: 10)
  • Start
    Possible options:
    • Start screensaver automatically
    • Do not start screensaver automatically
  • Start time: Time in minutes until the screensaver starts. (default: 5)
  • Background color: (default: black)
    • Choose color: Color selection according to color spaces
      Possible color spaces:

Firmware Customization Assignment

Assignment of the thin clients for which the customizations are to apply.