This document describes various recommended settings for UMS.

To define the settings, proceed as follows:

  1. Start the UMS Console.

  2. Go to UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Logging and copy the following settings:


    Having logging activated is important for reproducing errors. In this way, you are able to trace the log and event messages in the UMS under System > Logging.

  3. Click Settings > Other Settings and copy the following settings:

    Other Settings

  4. Close the UMS Administrator.
  5. Open the UMS Console.
  6. Go to Administrative Tasks in the UMS Administration tree.
  7. Create an Administrative Task for the database backups:

    Administrative Tasks

    Backup File Location

    We recommend that you create a database backup in order to be able to recover the original UMS data in the event of data loss.


  8. Go to Active Directory / LDAP Configuration in the UMS Administration tree and add a new Active Directory/LDAP Service with the following values:

    Add Active Directory

  9. Click the Test connection button to check that your configuration is working.