Menu path: UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Licenses > Thin Client Licenses

IGEL Licenses

Here, you can manage licenses for thin clients, e.g. for devices converted with UDC3.

Add license file

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Delete license


Show content of the license file

  • Filter: Restricts the list view to specific licenses:
    • Show all licenses
    • Show valid Maintenance Subscriptions
    • Show expired Maintenance Subscriptions
    • Show Maintenance Subscriptions which will expire in the next
      - months
      - days
    • Show all licenses of thin client
      - Unit ID
      - (Browse thin client tree)
    • Show test licenses

List columns:

  • Order number: Order number under which the license was ordered
  • Hardware type: Hardware property, z.B. MAC address
  • Maintenance Subscription: Shows whether a subscription exists
  • Activation key: Activation key with which the license was generated
  • Test license: Shows whether a license is a test license
  • Expiration date: End of the license period


Here, you can show thin client lists or export them for the activation portal. You can also create UDC2 licenses from a smartcard.

  • Export unit ID list: Opens the export wizard
  • Thin client lists: Opens the end device list with a filter option
  • Create license from smartcard: Create UDC2 license from the smartcard