The IGEL License Portal (ILP) is a cloud-based portal for managing all IGEL Licenses. Working in conjunction with the ILP, the IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS) is not only able to assign a software licence to the respective endpoint but can transfer a licence from one endpoint to another. The IGEL License Portal gives an overview of all purchased IGEL software licences and allows you to order and renew licences. Plus, much more.

The following user guide walks you through the IGEL License Portal based required first steps (registration, redeeming delivery tokens, and deploying licences).

How to Register with the IGEL License Portal

It is possible to perform the following steps before you have received your device.

  1. Go to

  2. Click Register.

  3. Fill in all fields and click Continue.

    Your username is your e-mail address; the username cannot be changed later on.

  4. Fill in the fields on the Company Details page. Please provide an IGEL subscription key (serial number of the subscription), e.g. "WE-12345-C". One subscription key is sufficient for matching. Alternatively, provide the delivery token, e.g. "ITUS-DN-123456". If you are done click Continue.

  5. Confirm the Privacy Policy, solve the captcha, and click Continue.

    A confirmation dialogue is shown.

  6. If you are sure that your data is correct, click Yes and then, in the main window, on Finish.
    Your request is being checked by the IGEL Support team.
    If everything has gone well, you will receive an e-mail from the IGEL Support team which enables you to log in at the IGEL License Portal.

How to Redeem The Delivery Token

A Delivery Token is a code that you get from your IGEL reseller when you have purchased licences for an IGEL product. Example of a Delivery Token: DLV-32LEW.

You receive the Delivery Token via e-mail or on the delivery note of a device, see e.g. Unpacking Your IGEL Universal Desktop Package. To obtain your licences, you register your Delivery Token at the IGEL License Portal. When you have registered your Delivery Token, you get access to the licences you have purchased. The licences are organized in Product Packs.

This procedure is only relevant for licences purchased before September 2021. As of September 2021, licences are instantly ready for use, without Delivery Tokens.

  1. Log in to the IGEL License Portal  (ILP) at
    Your dashboard is shown. 

  2. Select Register delivery token.

  3. Enter the Delivery Token you received from your reseller.

  4. Confirm the IGEL EULA and click Send.

  5. If a second EULA is shown, confirm it. A second EULA is shown if the ordered Product Pack contains one or more add-on licences for the Teradici client (PCoIP Software Client, see Teradici PCoIP Session).

    The page Order Details is shown. It contains the newly created Product Packs. Each Product Pack is identified by a Product Pack ID.

How to Deploy IGEL Licenses

Now that you are in the IGEL License Portal (ILP) and have your Product Pack ready, you can choose one of the following deployment methods, according to your needs: