If you connect devices to your UD3 model M350C or UD7 model H860C that require a serial (COM) port and a power supply of 5 V, you can activate the corresponding option in BIOS to spare the usage of an additional power supply unit.

To enable the 5 V power supply option for the COM port, proceed as follows:

  1. Turn on or restart the IGEL device.
  2. During boot, hold the [DEL] key until you see the Front Page menu.

  3. Using the arrow keys, navigate to the option Setup Utility and press [ENTER].
    The InsydeH20 Setup Utility opens.
  4. Using the arrow keys, move to the tab Power. You will find COM Port Power Supply set to <Disabled>.
  5. Change COM Port Power Supply to <5V> and press [ENTER].
  6. Press [F10] to save the changes and exit.

This option is NOT suitable for devices with a serial (COM) port that require a 12 V power supply.