Audio is stuttering and/or of poor quality when using a headset. It cannot be improved by changing software settings.


  • UD2/IZ2 D220
  • UD3/IZ3 M330C, M340C
  • UD5/UD6 H830C
  • UD7 H850C
  • UD9 TC215B
  • UD10 TC236


The line-out socket on the devices listed above is a 3-conductor socket (TRS). You may be using a headset with a 4-conductor audio plug (TRRS) of the OMTP type.


  • IGEL recommends using 3-conductor audio plugs (TRS) on the IGEL devices listed above.
    See the difference between 3- and 4-conductor audio plugs in the picture below (3 conductors on the left, 4 conductors on the right). 
    A 3-Conductor Audio Plug (left) and a 4-Conductor Audio Plug (right)

  • Alternatively, you can use 4-conductor audio plugs (TRRS) of the CTIA type. Placed on the second ring, the ground return (GND) has a proper contact with the socket.

    For microphone signals, the separate mic-in port must be used.

  • You can also use an OMTP-to-CTIA adapter.