This overview of the serial number scheme is applicable to the new IGEL UD generation of devices: UD2 M250C, UD3 M350C, and UD7 H860C.

Serial Number Breakdown

How Can I Find Out the Serial Number of My IGEL Device?

You can find the serial number of your IGEL device

  •  on the device label located at the rear of the device:

  • in the UMS Console: Go to Devices, select the required device, and expand Advanced System Information. At the bottom, you will see Device Serial Number field:
  • in the BIOS in the System Information window: Press the [Del] key repeatedly during the reboot to access the BIOS, select SCU / Setup Utility, and press [F9].
  • via the local terminal with the command cat /sys/devices/virtual/dmi/id/product_serial