The following article lists the end-of-sales (EOS) and end-of-maintenance (EOM) dates for IGEL devices delivered with IGEL OS 11. For information on how the lifecycle for IGEL hardware is defined, see Legacy IGEL Devices.

Model NameDevice TypeEnd of SalesEnd of Maintenance
UD2-LX 40D2202019-122022-11
UD2-LX 50M250C2020-122023-12
UD3-LX 51M340C2021-022024-01
UD6-LX 51H830C2021-022024-01
UD7-LX 10H850C2021-062024-05
UD7-LX 11H850C2021-062024-05
UD2-LX 51M250C2022-122025-12
UD2-LX 52M250C2022-122025-12
UD3-LX 60M350C2022-122025-12
UD7-LX 20H860C2022-122025-12