• IGEL UD7-LX 10, UD7-LX 11 and/or UD7-W10 10c
  • AMD E9173 graphics card and rubber cubit
  • Phillips screwdriver

The AMD Embedded Radeon™ E9173 discrete GPU is a graphics card for devices from the UD7-LX 10, UD7-LX 11 and UD7-W10 10c series. The graphics card extends UD7 with the 4th DisplayPort (2560x1600 @60Hz) for configurations with 4 monitors.

This how-to explains how you install the graphics card.


Liability Note

The Terms and Conditions of IGEL GmbH apply, see

The AMD E9173 graphics card must be installed by specially trained and experienced staff only.

The warranty period of the AMD E9173 graphics card is one year.

The warranty does not apply to loss of, or damage to, IGEL Hardware arising as a result of:

  • Shipping or improper installation or maintenance.
  • Misuse, neglect, adjustment or storage of the IGEL Hardware in an unsuitable environment.
  • Any use of the IGEL Hardware for a use other than ordinary commercial or industrial application.
  • Repair, modification or installation of parts by the End Customer or an unauthorised third party.
  • Excessive or inadequate heating or air conditioning, or electrical power failures, surges or other irregularities.
  • Any use of the IGEL Hardware outside of the technical specifications of the IGEL Hardware.

IGEL is not liable for IGEL Hardware descriptions and defect warranties given by third parties.


Danger of electric shock! Disconnect the device from the power supply before you begin installing the graphics card.

To benefit from further enhancements in the software support of the AMD E9173 graphics card, please make sure you are always running the latest version of IGEL OS.

To install the graphics card, proceed as follows:

  1. Place the device on a soft and slip-resistant surface.

  2. Push the side cover backwards to release it from the device casing.

  3. Remove the protective foil from the rubber cubit.
    Now attach the rubber cubit to the heat sink as shown in the figure below.

  4. Using the Phillips screwdriver, remove the screw fixing the PCIe rear bracket to the device and detach the bracket.

  5. Insert the graphics card into the PCIe slot as shown in the figure below.
    Make sure the PCIe rear bracket is firmly adjusted.

  6. Using the Phillips screwdriver, tigthen the screw.
    Check if the graphics card is firmly adjusted.

  7. Finally, remount the side cover onto the device casing.

See also UD7 Model H850C: Configuring the AMD E9173 Graphics Card in IGEL Setup.