At the first start of the IGEL UMS Console or the UMS Web App after the UMS installation, you are presented with a dialog offering to activate IGEL Insight Service. If you are not sure, you can skip this step to decide later; in this case, the dialog will be presented on each start of the UMS Console / the UMS Web App until the feature is accepted or declined.

IGEL Insight Service can be anytime activated or deactivated under UMS Console > UMS Administration > Global Configuration > UMS Features or under UMS Web App > Network > Settings > UMS Features.

IGEL Insight Service collects analytical and usage data from all users to 

  • improve IGEL products and services and the user experience
  • inform you about available software and security updates
  • provide recommendations for system optimization (software and hardware)
  • identify potential performance issues regarding apps in your setup
  • improve customer support and consulting

The identity of the individual IGEL OS device will only be stored pseudonymously. All data will be anonymized after two years.

The consent can be withdrawn by disabling the Insight Service functionality as described above. By withdrawing the consent, you will not receive further recommendations based on your setup.

For more information, please refer to IGEL's privacy policy.

Where Are the IGEL COSMOS Cloud Services Data Stored?

Currently, the IGEL COSMOS Cloud Services and apps available in the IGEL App Portal are stored in Azure Region West-Europe, location Amsterdam. The associated app metadata are stored in Frankfurt (Germany west central).

The Insight Service data are currently also stored in Frankfurt (Germany west central).

All data centers and their operators are fully ISO/IEC 27001 certified.

Data Collected by the IGEL Insight Service

  • Company identifier
  • UMS identifier
  • Pseudonymized device identifier
  • Name of the application
  • Version of the application
  • Manufacturer of the device
  • Model of the device
  • CPU of the device
  • RAM of the device
  • Mainboard of the device
  • GPU of the device
  • Storage hardware of the device
  • Network / Wi-Fi hardware information of the device
  • Peripheral hardware information of the device
  • Timestamp
  • Client type (Insight Service Data Collector)
  • Client version (Insight Service Data Collector)

IGEL does not share your data with third parties outside the IGEL group.