On an IGEL OS device, you can view all non-closed notifications in the Notification Center. 

Notification Center icon  is displayed if the taskbar and taskbar system tray are activated (User Interface > Desktop > Taskbar and Taskbar Items; both are enabled by default).

If you do not want to see floating notifications, you can activate the Do not disturb function.

In the Notification Center, you can see

  • Update notifications prompting the user to reboot the device to complete the app installation. The device will be restarted automatically if the user will not react within 60 seconds; this timeout can be changed under System > Update > Timeout for automatical reboot in seconds.

    If you do not want the user to see the dialog offering to restart the device immediately or postpone the restart, you can enable Automatical reboot of system once app is installed under System > Update.

    Note: The update notification is different if Activate app after the installation is disabled under System > Update, see How to Configure the Background App Update in the IGEL UMS Web App

  • EULA notifications if the End User Licence Agreement has to be accepted. When this may be necessary is described under Accepting EULA in the UMS.
  • Messages sent by the UMS administrator
  • Warnings, e.g. about license expiration, and errors
  • Other notifications, e.g. about a new configuration the system has received