The ICG supports the following features of the Universal Management Suite (UMS):

  • Registering endpoint devices in the UMS
  • Registering the endpoint device firmware
  • Fetching & sending settings on endpoint device boot
  • Delete
  • Suspend
  • Shutdown
  • Reboot
  • Update & snapshot commands > Update
  • Update & snapshot commands > Update on Shutdown
  • Other Thin Client Commands > Send message
  • Other Thin Client Commands > Reset to Factory Defaults
  • Other Thin Client Commands > Settings UMS -> TC
  • Other Thin Client Commands > Settings TC -> UMS
  • Other Thin Client Commands > Refresh license information
  • Other Thin Client Commands > Refresh system information
  • File transfer UMS -> endpoint device (except for Firmware Customizations > Wallpaper, Firmware Customizations > Bootsplash)
  • Deploying a UDC3 license to an endpoint device with System > License Management > Add (+) (Note: the *.lic file has to be added from a local drive of the UMS host)
    Universal Firmware Updates served from the UMS WebDAV directory do not work in most cases, as UMS is located on a private network and not reachable from the outside. Therefore a warning is shown when assigning such an update to an ICG-managed endpoint device. However, in UMS the assignment is made.