This document describes how to prepare a host machine for installing ICG version 2.01.100. In this example, Ubuntu server 18.04. LTS - 64-bit is used.

Setting up a User with the Required Permissions

  1. Create the first user with a name of your choice. On the Ubuntu server, the first user created is the one who is allowed to do sudo.

    Username "icg" Is Reserved

    Do not use "icg" as a username for the remote installer; this is the username under which the Tomcat server is running.

  2. Enter sudo su and the user password to become a system administrator (root).

Setting a Static IP Address

You can either use DHCP to set a static IP address or configure the IP address on the server via Netplan using a YAML description of the required network interface.

To set a static IP address via Netplan:

  1. Enter ip addr to find out the name of the network interface.

    In the above example, the network interface name is ens160.
  2. To disable the network configuration capabilities of cloud-init, write a file: nano /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg.d/99-disable-network-config.cfg 

    with the following contents :
    network: {config: disabled}

  3. Save the file by pressing [Ctrl] + [O] and then [Enter].
  4. Press [Ctrl] + [X] to quit the editor.
  5. Create the YAML file: nano /etc/netplan/01-static.yaml

    When editing YAML:

    • use two spaces to indent lines
    • leave no spaces or tabs at the end of lines
  6. Save the file and quit the editor.
  7. Apply your configuration with netplan apply. Take note of any error messages.

  8. Use the command ip addr to check whether the IP address has been set successfully.