When the signed certificate of your ICG installation is about to expire, you must renew it, that is, replace it by a newer certificate which is compatible to the current one. The new certificate is compatible if the following conditions are met:

  • The new certificate is issued from the same root certificate as the current certificate
  • The new certificate contains the same IP addresses or host names as the current certificate
  • The new certificate is a signed certificate

You can renew a certificate using the update keystore function of the UMS or locally on the machine hosting the ICG. Using the update keystore function of the UMS is recommended; this method is described in this chapter.

Creating a New Certificate

If you do not already have a new certificate:

  1. In the UMS Console, go to UMS Administration > UMS Network > Global Configuration > Cloud Gateway Options.

  2. Open the context menu on the appropriate root certificate and select Create signed certificate.
  3. Fill in the certificate fields (most likely, the data will be the same as for the current certificate):
    • Displayname: Name of the certificate
    The display name in the server certificate must not be the same as in the root certificate.
    • Your first and last name: Name of the certificate holder
    • Your organization: Organization or company name
    • Your city or locality: Location
    • Your two-letter country code: ISO 3166 country code, e.g. US, UK or ES
    • Hostname and/or IP address of certificate target server: Same Host name(s) or IP address(es) as in the current certificate.
    • Valid until: Local date on which the certificate expires. (Default: one year from now)

  4. Click OK.

    The new certificate is shown.

Updating the Keystore

  1. In the UMS console, go to UMS Administration > UMS Network > IGEL Cloud Gateway.
  2. Select the ICG for which you want to renew the certificate and click Update Keystore.
    The Update Keystore wizard opens; it shows the certificates which can be used for renewal.

  3. Select the new certificate and click Next.
  4. Enter the SSH parameters:
    • SSH host: IP address or hostname under which the UMS can reach the ICG
    • SSH portSSH port (Default: 22)
    • SSH user: The same user that has been used for the remote installer
    • SSH passwordPassword for the user-specified as SSH user

  5. Click Next.

    The Keystore of the ICG is updated with the new certificate.

  6. When the update is finished, click Finish.

  7. Go to UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Cloud Gateway Options and check if the Used flag is set for the new certificate.