You must be authenticated in order to use IGEL Management Interface, otherwise the server will return the HTTP status 401 "Unauthorized". Only querying the server status is allowed without authentication.

IMI uses Basic Authentication (RFC 2617).

Logging In

Send an HTTP POST request to /v2/login to log in. Your HTTP client of choice will offer a way of sending a Basic Authentication- header, which is produced from the username/password combination.

This is the commandline for cURL:

curl \

--request POST \

--user '[Username]:[Passwort]' \


The server replies, sending back a session ID:

200 OK

Set-Cookie: JSESSIONID=3FB2F3F6A089FE9029DFD6DAFEF146DC; Path=/umsapi/; Secure; HttpOnly



Staying Logged in

You can maintain the session by sending the JSESSIONID in the Cookie header with every subsequent request:


Some clients will do this automatically for you, e.g. the RESTClient Firefox add-on.