Send the endpoint /v3/serverstatus an HTTP GET request to retrieve some information about the server.

With cURL the commandline looks like this:

curl \

--request GET \


You will receive a response like the following:

200 OK



"rmGuiServerVersion": "5.07.100.rc15",

"buildNumber": "32287",

"activeMQVersion": "5.6.0",

"derbyVersion": "",

"serverUUID": "9fe719f1-c16e-4744-9ff1-b9c314ae151c",

"server": "mhuber:8443",

"links": []


Response Headers

The server replied with the status code 200 in the HTTP header, which means that your request was successful.

You can find a list of status codes in the IMI API Reference.

JSON Response Body

Information about the server is given in the response body in the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)format. It is enclosed in curly braces and contains key-value-pairs separated by a colon. The line separator is a comma. Your programming language probably offers a JSON module that will help you parse and process information in this format.