About this document

All illustrations and descriptions in this manual relate to the current version of the IGEL Linux firmware; this manual is subdivided into the following sections:

  • Quick installation: Setting up the thin client for the first time
  • Boot procedure: Boot menu, network integration, X-Server
  • Application Launcher: Important system data such as the firmware version, list of applications, licensed services, system tools
  • Setup application: Setting up sessions and system configuration
  • Sessions: Creating and configuring application sessions
  • Accessories: Session accessories, card readers, sound control, Java Manager, network tools
  • User interface: Language, screen, entry options, font services
  • Network: Interfaces, protocols, authentication, drives
  • Devices: Hardware, printers, storage devices, interfaces
  • Security: Password, logging on, AD/Kerberos configuration
  • System: System setting options
  • Firmware configuration: Customer-specific partition, applications, commands, start screen, environment variables, features
  • IGEL Smartcard: Company keys, saving a user/password/session, testing a card

Last update: July 11, 2018