Menu path: Setup > Devices > Security > Logon > Active Directory / Kerberos

These setup pages allow you to enable local login to the thin client via the Kerberos protocol.

AD/Kerberos must also be configured for this purpose.

The login can be used for single sign-on in a number of session types (ICA, RDP).

  • Login to Active Directory Domain: Connects the login method with the Active Directory.
  • Login methods:
    • Explicit: Expects login with username and password.
    • Remember last user name: Initializes the login mask with the username of the last known user. Therefore the option Explicit has to be enabled.
    • Smartcard: Expects login with smartcard.
    • Smartcard Removal Action: Choose which acion is to be performed when a user logged in via smartcard removes the card:
      - Log Off
      - Lock Thin Client

Select the type of smartcard under Active Directory / Kerberos > Smartcard and decide which Smartcard Removal Action shall be executed.

  • Logoff shortcut locations: Defines the logoff method; for further information, see Desktop Integration.