When you use your mobile device frequently at different WiFi hotspots, automatic WiFi roaming may be useful. This is what Igel Café Wireless does. The Igel Café Wireless feature is available with IGEL Linux version 5.3.100 or higher and can be used with IGEL UDC2, for instance. After you have configured your wireless networks, your mobile device is ready to roam.

For optimizing the network switchover, please see the FAQ Configuring Wi-Fi Network Roaming.

If the network's SSID is hidden, see the FAQ Connecting to a Wi-Fi Network with hidden SSID.

See also the wireless chapters in the manual.

To configure a wireless network with the wireless manager:

  1. Open Network > LAN interfaces > Wireless in the setup and make sure that the following options are activated:

    Activate wireless interface

  2. Click the tray icon and select Manage wireless networks.


    The Wireless networks dialog opens. After a few seconds, all wireless networks within reach are shown, sorted by signal strength. Previously configured connections are flagged with a tick in the Configured column. The connection currently active is flagged with a symbol under Connected.


  3. Double-click the network to be configured.

    A dialog named with the name (SSID) of the desired network opens.

    WLAN-Verbindung konfigurieren

  4. Activate Permanently store network key so that your mobile device remembers the network key.
  5. Enter the Network key. To have the network key displayed while typing, click .

  6. Click OK.
  7. Repeat the steps described above for the remaining networks.

To connect to a configured network manually:

Highlight the network and click on in the Wireless networks dialog.

Your mobile device is connected to the wireless network. The tray icon shows the network's current signal strength.