1. Enable Debug mode in Sessions > Evidian > [Session Name] > Options in Setup and set the level of detail.
  2. Kill the Evidian Authentication Manager process.
  3. Start the desired Evidian session from the Start Menu.
  4. Watch the output with tail -f /var/log/rsuserauth[Session Number].debug in Local Terminal. Alternatively, add the file to System Log Viewer.

Further Troubleshooting

  1. Open Local Terminal
  2. Enter ps fax | grep rsuserauth | grep -v grep to look for Evidian Authentication Manager processes.
  3. Use the Evidian AuthMgr Restart session to restart all Evidian sessions if neccesary
    OR kill unwanted processes by entering kill [process ID] in the terminal, start desired processes via the Evidian entries in the Start Menu.