This document explains how to set up CLX.Giromat. With the CLX.Giromat application, you can to use the PayPen II reader in an IGEL environment, for instance. The CLX.Giromat application converts the character data from the scanned document and sends it to the device as standard keyboard input.  

To activate CLX.Giromat:

  1. In the IGEL Setup, go to System > Firmware Customization > Features and enable CREALOGIX CLX.Giromat.
  2. Make sure that the firmware update source on the System > Update > Firmware Update page is valid and available, since the partition must be downloaded for installation.
  3. Restart the device.
    The feature will be available after restart. 
  4. Set the start options for this session under Accessories > CLX.Giromat.

Further application settings can be changed directly in the program window while the CLX.Giromat application is running: Various parameters can be set via the menu item File > Settings. These settings are also retained permanently.