Menu path: Setup > Devices > Security > Logon > IGEL Smartcard

Logging in with IGEL smartcard

Enables local login to the thin client with the IGEL smartcard. Sessions stored on the smartcard become available. The thin client is locked without the smartcard and optional password.

Enable IGEL smartcard without locking the desktop

Enables sessions stored on the smartcard after entering an optional password. The thin client is not locked – even without a smartcard.

Company key

Shared key for smartcards and thin clients. For more details see Company Key.

You can use the optional IGEL smartcard for local authentication and personalized session configuration ("Flying Doctor Scenario").

The procedure when using the IGEL smartcard with the internal card reader or an external reading device (USB) is as follows:

  1. Enable the IGEL smartcard solution under Security→ Login→ Smartcard in the setup application.
  2. Enter a company key to describe your IGEL smartcard.
  3. Save your settings before you start personalizing the card.
  4. In the Personalization window, you can set a login password and add sessions to the card.
    Session configurations are stored on the card's IC (integrated circuit) and the session can be used on any IGEL thin client which reads the card.