• The IGEL Universal Desktop OS 2 must already be installed on the target devices.
  • The target devices are registered in the UMS.

To order licenses from IGEL Technology and distribute them to your target devices via the UMS:

Find out which clients require the new license.

Send the MAC addresses of the relevant clients to IGEL Technology GmbH.

IGEL will provide you with the corresponding licenses, prepared in such a way that they can be rolled out automatically via the UMS.

Proceed as follows:
  1. Click on System > Manage Licenses in the UMS Console.
    The Manage Licenses window opens:

    license management

  2. Click on Export MAC List in order to export MAC addresses to a csv file. The following options will help you to filter your clients:

    Selecting MAC addresses

  3. Send the csv file to IGEL Technology GmbH in order to request license files for the selected devices. IGEL Technology will send you the new license file for the relevant MAC addresses.
  4. Click on Add (+) in the Manage Licenses window in order to upload the license file.

    Uploading license file

  5. Search through your directories for the lic file.
  6. Click on OK to upload the new file to the UMS server.
    When you restart the target device, it will receive the new license from the server.