Menu path: Setup > User Interface > Fonts Services > NFS Font Service

Using the NFS font service is another way to import additional fonts. The NFS font service also offers the advantage that the mount point for the fonts can be configured. This is necessary for a number of remote applications that search for your fonts in a specific directory.

Define and enable an NFS font path entry in order to use the NFS font service.
This will be added to the list of NFS mounted font directories.

Click on Add to open the dialog window:

Local directory

Defines the local directory for the mount point

NFS server

Name or IP address of the server that makes available the font directories via NFS.

Server path

Path on the server under which the fonts are available.

Favor local fonts

If this option is enabled, local fonts are to be used before a request is sent to the font server.

Click on Enable to enable the entry.

Export the font directory to the server via NFS read-only for the thin client.