Menu path: Setup > Sessions > RDP > RDP Global > Options

In this area, you can configure the following settings:

Disable mouse movement events

Instructs the client not to show "unnecessary" cursor movements in order to conserve power.

Inverted cursor color

Black, White or Dotted are available to choose from.

You can also configure your own values 'custom:,'.

The colors must be given in the ARGB8888 format, e.g. 0xFF000000.

Reset license

If you have to remove the MS license from the device, enable this option and restart the device.

Reset confirmed server certificates

Deletes all confirmed server certificates on the client.

RDP legacy mode

Uses the local RDP client from IGEL Linux v4 - see note below.

Client Name

Give a client name for terminal service identification - the default setting is the host name of the computer.

Custom client name

If you have opted for a custom client name, you can enter the name here. If the field remains empty, the MAC address of the client will be used automatically.

Force TLS-encrypted connections

Only TLS-encrypted connections are allowed.

Verify server certificates

Verify server certificate if the connection is TLS-encrypted.

Inform IGEL Support if problems occur with the current RDP client (IGEL Linux v5), even if they can be avoided by using the compatibility mode. The RDP legacy mode can be disabled in a later IGEL Linux version.