Menu path: Setup > User Interface > Display> Power Options

In this area, you can handle display power management. Your screen must support Display power management signaling (DPMS).

Bildschirm Energieoptionen

Enable Handle display power management in order to switch on the DPMS energy saving functions.

Specify separately for battery and mains operation the number of minutes before the screen switches to a specific energy-saving mode:
Three different modes are offered:

  • Standby time (standby mode)
  • Suspend time (sleep mode)
  • Off time (Off)

If a device is switched on but not used for some time, energy can also be saved by reducing the brightness of the screen.

Specify by how many percent the brightness of the screen is to be reduced and how long the period of inactivity before brightness reduction should be. Values between 10 seconds and two minutes are available to choose from.

Naturally, all stages are gone through only if the X-Server does not receive any new entries during this period.