Menu path: Setup > Sessions > SSH

This section describes the procedure for configuring an SSH session.

Use the SSH session to launch a remote application on the host via SSH (Secure Shell) and display it on the terminal. SSH allows secure, encrypted communication between two hosts or host and terminal via an unsecured network. X11 connections can also be routed via this secure channel.


All necessary entries for creating an executable command to remotely launch the application via SSH

User name (remote)

Name of the remote user - The selected user must have a user account on the remote host.

Computer (remote)

Name or IP address of the remote host from which the remote application is launched.

Command line

Allows you to enter the name of the application program which is to be launched.


Forward X11 connection

X11 connections are automatically forwarded to the remote computer so that each X11 program launched from the shell or the command passes through the encrypted SSH channel. The authentication data are also defined automatically. This option is enabled by default.

Enable compression

Reduces the amount of data transmitted via the data channel - This option is disabled by default.

Get protocol version

You must prove your identity to the remote host using one of the various identification methods. These depend on the protocol version used. In this area, you can obtain details of the protocol version after opting for a particular identification method.

You will find detailed information on SSH and the various authentication methods on the relevant pages of the manual for your server operating system.