Menu path: Setup > User Interface > Input > Touchscreen

To ensure that you can open the setup and navigate within it, the initial configuration should take place with a mouse and keyboard connected. The setup procedure with an on-screen keyboard is described below.

Touchscreen drivers

The touchscreen types currently supported are:

  • Elographics serial touchscreens
  • TSharc serial touchscreens
  • EvTouch USB touchscreens

    You will find the complete list of supported devices in the IGEL Linux 3rd Party Hardware Database.

  • Touchscreen already calibrated
    If you enable the touchscreen function, the touchscreen must be calibrated first. Unless you enable this option, calibration will begin automatically after each system boot.
  • Swap X and Y values
    Enable this option if the mouse pointer moves vertically when you move your finger in a horizontal direction.
  • Minimum/maximum X value/Y value
    These values are determined by the calibration tool. However, you can also change them manually.
  • Let-go limit
    The maximum permitted time (in milliseconds) between two instances of contact in order to still be registered a single touch. When moving windows by drag-and-drop, for example, your contact with the screen may inadvertently be interrupted. Increasing this value prevents the thin client from registering two individual contacts in this case.
  • Contact limit
    Determines how long (in milliseconds) the screen needs to be touched in order for the contact to be recognized.
  • Baud rate (for serial touchscreens only)
    Determines the speed of communication via the selected connection. (If in doubt, read the monitor manual.)
  • Touchscreen connection
    You can connect the touchscreen either to COM1 or COM2. Select your preferred connection here.
  • Set driver-specific default settings
    Click on this button once after changing the touchscreen type or to restore the default settings.

    A list of the touchscreens currently supported by IGEL Linux can be found in the IGEL Linux 3rd Party Hardware Database.

Enable the on-screen keyboard for touchscreen use in the setup under Accessories > On-screen Keyboard.

The layout for the normal keyboard will also be used for the on-screen keyboard.

Calibrate the touchscreen for optimum contact recognition. The touchscreen calibration application can be found under Application Launcher > System.

After launching the calibration program, you will see a pattern with calibration points which must be touched one after another.