Menu path: Setup > Accessories > UMS Registration

Registration of the thin client in the IGEL Universal Management Suite can also be performed locally.

  1. Open the Application Launcher.
  2. In the System area, launch the UMS Registering application.

    Remote administration

  3. Enter the Server Address, Login and Password for your UMS server.
    If there is a corresponding DNS entry for the UMS server, you can leave the default value igelrmserver in the address field.
  4. Optional: Define a Structure Tag in order to sort the thin client into a directory in accordance with the UMS directory rules.

    Further information regarding the use of structure tags can be found in the Using Structure Tags How-To.

  5. Optional: Select a directory on the server.
  6. Optional: The New Hostname specifies the name under which the client will be registered in the UMS.
  7. Click Register.