Upgrading from a USB Memory Stick Fails


You are using a USB memory stick as update source. The upgrade process goes well until the device reboots into the minimal version 10 system. At this point, it tries to retrieve the data for the other partitions from the memory stick, but cannot find them.


The mount point created by automount has changed. In IGEL Linux 5, the mount point is /userhome/media/DISK_%UUID%, whereas in IGEL Linux 10, it is /userhome/media/%UUID%. Example: /userhome/media/DISK_756984F349BFBCAF (IGEL Linux 5) vs. /userhome/media/756984F349BFBCAF (IGEL Linux 10).

The upgrade process tries to use the old path for getting the required data, but the memory stick is mounted under the new path.

The following dialog is shown:

Solution 1: Set the Path to the New Mount Point

  1. Click Cancel to close the dialog.
  2. Use the method described in the "File" section under ISUS#629: Updating the Firmware using the Linux Console.

Solution 2: Create a Link to the New Mount Point

  1. Click Cancel to close the dialog.
  2. Press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [F12] to change to TTY12.
  3. Logon as root.
  4. Change to the media directory: cd /userhome/media
  5. Determine the correct mount point: ls
    The mount point equals the UUID of the memory stick, e. g. 756984F349BFBCAF
  6. Create a link that maps the old path to the new path: ln -s ; example: ln -s 756984F349BFBCAF DISK_756984F349BFBCAF
  7. Continue the upgrade: update
Last update: August 31, 2018