You can use a StepOver signature pad in Citrix and RDP sessions. There are two different means to achieve this, using either theStepOver TCP Client, as of IGEL Linux 5.06.100, or the legacyServersonetcomponent on the thin client.

Only one of them can run on the thin client at a given time. Which of the two you need is determined by your applications on the server-side.

According to StepOver, the new StepOver TCP Client supports the applications eSignatureOffice, SimpleSigner and StepOver APIs with the following naturaSign Pads:

  • Standard 1 (FW 1.x)
  • Standard 2
  • Standard 2.5
  • Classic
  • Biometric
  • Mobile
  • Flawless
  • Comfort
  • ColourPad.

The legacy models +Pad and BlueMobile are not supported.