On the Thin Client

Connect the signature pad to one of the thin client's USB ports.

Activate the serversonet Padserver in IGEL Setup either by

  • enabling sessions.padserver0.autostart in the Registry
  • or by enabling sessions.padserver0.desktop and starting the daemon manually by clicking on the desktop icon.

You can set the TCP port used by serversonet in padserver.port

Activate the Padserver

On the VDI Server (Windows)

You can use the signature pad with StepOver SimpleSigner. The vendor has documentation on How to Use SimpleSigner and on Using SimpleSigner over a TCP/IP Network.

Open the Windows Command Prompt.

Use cd to change into your SimpleSigner installation directory.

Issue the following commandline: SinmpleSigner.exe "C:\[file path to save the signature in]" [width of signature field in pixels] [height] net-[thin client ip]:[port]