Updating the Firmware using a USB Storage Device


You want to update the device's firmware locally (without IGEL Universal Management Suite and HTTP/FTP server).


You can use a USB storage device to update the firmware locally. This method is particularly suitable if only one device or only a few devices are to be updated and it would not be worth installing an FTP or HTTP server purely for the update. Proceed as follows:

  1. Download the update file (.zip) for your device from the IGEL download server.
  2. Save the unpacked update files on a FAT32-formatted USB storage device.
  3. Within the local setup application select Devices > Storage Devices > Storage Hotplug.
  4. Set Client Drive Mapping on Static
  5. Set Number of drives to at least 1.
  6. Apply the changes so that they are effective for the device.
  7. Connect the USB storage device to the thin client and wait until the device has been detected.
  8. Select System > Update > Firmware Update.
  9. Set Protocol to FILE.
  10. Start the file chooser (Server Path) and navigate to /userhome/media///udlx.inf and click Open.
  11. Click Update Firmware and confirm the warning message.

The device will reboot while updating the firmware. Do not remove the USB device until the update has finished.

If the device's BIOS is configured to boot from USB, you might need to change the boot order in the BIOS.

If using a different USB storage device for a later update, you might have to change the update file location because the name of the device might be different.

To update device's firmware without access to the local setup follow FAQ Updating the Firmware using the Linux Console.

Last update: May 13, 2019