You will find the release notes for IGEL OS 10.05.500 as a text file on our download server and in the Knowledge Base under Notes for Release 10.05.500.

IGEL Universal Desktop Converter 3

It is now possible to configure the installer to force MS-DOS partitioning instead of GPT partitioning; see Installation procedure.

More Media Player Settings affect Parole

The following settings now also affect Parole media player:

In IGEL Setup:

Registry keys:

  • multimedia.mediaplayer.debug

Citrix Cloud

Cisco JVDI Client Video

The video capabilities of the Cisco JVDI Client can now be used; see Cisco JVDI CLient.

Citrix Monitor Settings

It is now possible to span a Citrix session over a self-defined number of consecutive monitors.

Name Changes in the Citrix Section

  • The setup section is called only Citrix and not Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp as before. 
  • HDX / ICA Global became Citrix Global 
  • Citrix Receiver Selection became Citrix Client Selection
  • Citrix Legacy ICA Session has been preceded by a Citrix
  • The Web Interface in Citrix Storefront/Web Interface has been removed
  • The server locations were adjusted under Self-Service:
    • "Server Location: XenApp 6.x or older" -> "Server Location: Web Interface"
    • "Server Location: XenApp/XenDesktop 7.x Store" -> "Server Location: StoreFront"
    • "Server Location: XenApp/XenDesktop 7.x Legacy Mode" -> "Server Location: StoreFront Legacy Mode"

Horizon Client has been Updated with these New Features in the Setup

  • High Color Accuracy Mode: You can allow high color accuracy when H.264 decoding is allowed. 
  • Serial port redirection support: With the serial port redirection feature, end users can redirect locally connected serial (/dev/ttyS) ports, such as built-in RS232 ports or USB-to-Serial adapters, to their RDS-hosted desktops.