Menu path: Setup > Sessions > Citrix > Citrix Global > Window

Under Window, you can configure the following settings:

Only for legacy ICA sessions

  • Number of Colors: Specifies the default color depth.
    Possible values:
    • 16
    • 256
    • 32 Thousand
    • 16 million
    • Automatic
  • Approximate colors: Given the differences between the color palettes used by the ICA client and the thin client desktop, the screen may flash annoyingly if you switch between windows on a pseudo-color screen. The ICA client's color adaptation scheme prevents this flashing as it uses the colors from the local desktop palette in order to display the ICA window session.

    Flashing when switching between windows is avoided.

    Disabled (Default)

  • Default horizontal resolution: Specifies the window width in pixels. (Default: 640)
  • Default vertical resolution: Specifies the window height in pixels. (Default: 480)
  • Font smoothing: Enables font smoothing - in the event of performance problems, font smoothing should be switched off as it requires additional computing power.
    • Off
    • Default
    • ClearType

For all Citrix sessions

  • Multi-monitor fullscreen mode:
    • Restrict full-screen session to one monitor
    • Extend full-screen session to all monitors
    • Expand the session over a self-selected number of monitors

      Select this setting if you do not want to span the session across all monitors, but only across a certain number of monitors. Under Monitor selection, specify the relevant monitors.

  • StoreFront start monitor: This setting is available if you selected Restrict full-screen session to one monitor for Multi-monitor fullscreen mode.
  • Monitor selection: This setting is available if you selected Expand the session over a self-selected number of monitors for Multi-monitor fullscreen mode.  

    Sample configuration: If you have 4 monitors and want to expand your session across monitor 2, 3 and 4 you have to insert 2,3,4 or 2,4.

  • Embed systray icons into manager taskbar: Specifies if an application icon is shown in the local taskbar.
    • On
    • Off
  • Control bar for Citrix sessions:

    Shows a control bar for minimizing and closing a Citrix full-screen session.

    Disabled (Default)

Last update: December 12, 2018