IGEL Linux version 5.07.100 or newer and IGEL Linux version 10.01.100 or newer offer new options for configuring network interfaces for IPv6.

Application Scenario

IGEL devices cannot so far communicate with the UMS via IPv6. Therefore, the major application scenario for IPv6 is as follows:

  • Devices still receive their IPv4 configuration and potentially IGEL-specific DHCP options from a DHCPv4 server.
  • Most of the settings are received from the UMS via IPv4.
  • Only the default options are requested from the DHCPv6 server. These are as follows:
    • IPv6 address
    • nameservers
    • DNS search list.
  • Regarding DNS, only IPv6 nameserver addresses should be delivered (in router advertisements or DHCPv6 options). The resolver should be able to use these for retrieving AAAA records and also A records if necessary.
  • Clients and servers use IPv6 if they are prepared to do so.
    • An NTP server (System > Time and date > NTP time server) can be specified as an IPv6 address or as a name for which the DNS has only an AAAA record available.
    • Similarly, in a web browser session, IPv6 will be used when the DNS has AAAA records available for servers.