Citrix Receiver 13

  • With Citrix Receiver 13.5 print problems in legacy sessions can occur.

VMware Horizon

  • External drives mounted already before connection, do not appear in the remote desktop. Workaround: map the directory /media as a drive in your desktop. Then the external devices will show up inside the media drive.

  • Client drive mapping and USB redirection for storage devices should not be enabled both at the same time.

    • On the one hand, if you want to use USB redirection for your storage devices: Note that the USB on-insertion feature is only working if the client drive mapping is switched off. In the IGEL Setup client drive mapping can be found in:

      Sessions > Horizon Client > Horizon Client Global > Drive Mapping > Enable Drive Mapping

      . It is also recommended to disable local Storage Hotplug: On page

      Devices > Storage Devices > Storage Hotplug

      , put number of storage hotplug devices to 0.
    • On the other hand, if you use drive mapping instead, it is recommended that you should either switch off USB redirection entirely or at least deny storage devices by adding a filter to the USB class rules. And because Horizon Client relies on the OS to mount the storage devices itself, please go to setup page:

      Devices > Storage Devices > Storage Hotplug

      and switch on 'Enable dynamic drive mapping' and put 'Number of storage hotplug devices' to at least 1.


  • Support for the gstreamer framework was dropped by recent Firefox versions. Therefore support for H264 decoding in the browser is not possible anymore, due to licensing restrictions.
  • After firmware update, a fullscreen browser session starts onetime in window mode. Afterwards the fullscreen mode is functional again.


  • Headphone jack detection doesn't properly work on IGEL UD3 (M330C and M340C). The audio controlling system is unable to notice status change of the audio jack.