Menu path: Setup > Sessions > Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp > HDX/ICA Global > Legacy ICA Server Location

Here, you can specify one or more HTTP master browsers. These provide a list of all Citrix servers and all published applications which are accessible via the network and use the selected browsing protocol.

To manage the list of master browser, proceed as follows:

Click to create a new entry.

Click to remove the selected entry.

Click to edit the selected entry.

Click to copy the selected entry.

You can specify a separate address list for each network protocol. This can be TCP/IP, TCP/IP + HTTP or SSL/TLS + HTTPS.

  • TCP/IP: If your network configuration uses routers or gateways, or if additional network traffic owing to transmissions is to be avoided, you can specify special server addresses for the Citrix servers from which the list of available servers and/or published applications is to be requested.

    You can add a number of addresses to the address list so that the clients can establish a connection and function even if one or more servers are not available.

  • TCP/IP + HTTP - You can also call up information from the available Citrix servers and published applications via a firewall. To do this, you use the protocol TCP/IP + HTTP as the server location.

    The "TCP/IP + HTTP" server location supports the auto-locate function.

  • SSL/TLS + HTTPS: Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) offer server authentication and data stream encryption. They also allow you to check the integrity of messages.

    If you try to establish a non-SSL/TLS connection to an SSL/TLS server, you will not be connected. A Connection Failed message will be shown.