Menu path: Setup > Sessions > Media Player > Media Player Global > Options

  • Disable screensaver when playing audio

    ☑ The screensaver will not be started during audio playback. (default)

    ☐ The screensaver will start after the set idling time, even is audio is being played back.

  • Network connection speed

    This parameter is effective only if gstreamer 0.10 is selected as the multimedia framework, which results in Totem being selected as the media player. With the default setting for IGEL OS 10.05 and higher (gstreamer 1.x in combination with Parole) the parameter is not effective.

    The multimedia framework and media player can be changed in the Registry under System > Registry > multimedia > gstreamer > version (registry key: multimedia.gstreamer.version).

    Possible values:

    • 56 kBps modem/ISDN
    • 112 kBps dual ISDN/DSL
    • 256 kBps DSL/cache
    • 384 kBps DSL/cache
    • 512 kBps DSL/cache
    • 1.5 MBps T1/Intranet/LAN
    • Intranet/LAN
  • Buffer size: The buffer compensates for fluctuations in the network speed. (default: 3)
  • Autoload subtitle

    ☑ Subtitles contained in the video will be shown automatically. (default)

    ☐ Subtitles contained in the video will only be shown if the user has enabled them via View > Subtitles.

  • Subtitle encoding: Character coding for the subtitles. The value is set to UTF-8.
  • Font name: Font that is used for the subtitles
    Possible values:
    • Sans
    • Sans Bold
    • Serif
    • Serif Bold
  • Font size: Size of the font that is used for the subtitles (default: 20)