• With CWA 2012, Citrix has revised the client drive mapping, with which we can no longer preset the right of the drives. Since then, the user can assign these rights in the session itself. So that this selection remains also over a
    reboot, we store the necessary file persistently on our system.
  • Updated window manager so that the proxy Authentication window comes to the foreground and is focused when the Citrix Brower content redirection with Cef is used.
  • Fixed window settings for Citrix Desktop sessions
  • Added parameter for Browser Content Redirection with CEF to enable global proxy support.

    ParameterBrowser content redirection with CEF via proxy
    Valuetrue / false
  • Fixed multimedia support for Citrix when used HWA in Firefox.
  • Fixed high CPU load in MS Teams and Citrix Workspace App 2112.

OSC Installer

  • Fixed OSC Recovery with enabled "Migrate Old Settings"
  • Fixed OSC issue with bogus character in license type field and not shown add-on licenses.
  • Fixed returning to installer after closing Factory ID window.


  • Added several performance optimizations.


  • Fixed wrong error message when RDP session was closed by idle timeout.

RD Web Access

  • Fixed RD Web Access windows moving out of the screen.
  • Fixed downloading published applications.

Parallels Client

  • Fixed multi-monitor issues.

X session (Xephyr)

  • Fixed segfault with xdmcp sessions to an OpenVMS environment.
  • Fixed fullscreen and workarea x sessions that are expanded over 2 or more monitors: The session window opens properly and the single monitors are detected inside the x session.
  • Fixed host chooser button events in x sessions with connection type "indirect via localhost".


  • Fixed usage of Athena IDProtect smartcards.
  • Fixed usage of IGEL extensions when private browsing is enabled. These are important to set restricted kiosk mode settings.
  • Fixed installed translations for user interface.
  • Fixed download prevention with restricted / hidden file system access. Without the fix, the current browser implicitly put the file into the standard Downloads folder - without the possibility to interfere.
  • Fixed crash which always occurred during the internal probing of 3D support for WebGL. So WebGL is now available again for the supported display drivers.
  • Fixed client certificate management via IGEL TC Setup. Firefox's standard certificate dialog is used now.


  • Fixed comma-separated strings in custom policies broke some Chromium Browser policies.
  • Fixed emojis have not been loaded in Chromium (also affects Chromium Embedded Framework).
  • Removed "What's new" tab showing on the first start and after Chromium updates.


  • Fixed could not mount issue with some NFS 4.1 and 4.2 servers (QNAP).
  • Fixed global no-proxy list getting effective via gconf2. This e.g. can help Citrix Workspace App using the right proxy configuration.
  • Removed now unsupported samba security modes (NTLM, NTLMi, and LanMan) as these would cause mount failures. This removes also support for very old SMB v1 servers. Changed the following registry key to:

    ParameterSecurity Mode
    Range[default] [ntlmv2] [NTLMSSP] [ntlmv2i] [NTLMSSPi]


  • Added setup registry key to select between wpa_supplicant/iwd as Wireless back-end.
  • AVM Fritz!WLAN N v2 USB Stick, only works with iNet Wireless Daemon (iwd) as Wi-Fi back-end.

    ParameterWi-Fi backend
    Range[iNet Wireless Daemon (iwd)]
    ValueWi-Fi Protected Access client and IEEE 802.1X supplicant (wpa_supplicant)
  • Fixed issue with TP-Link AC600 not working on 5GHz (8821au driver).

  • Improved reconfiguring regulatory domain settings at runtime

Open VPN

  • Added config parameter for extending arguments of VPN command:

    Valueextend parameter as string
  • Enter parameter starting with `--`.
    Example: `--ping 10 --ping-restart 120`
  • Parameters that are already set in the GUI must not be used.


  • Fixed Imprivata data partition: remove outdated artefacts, keep latest version of the configuration-editor


  • Added option to unlock screen lock in case of Kerberos smartcard login by only checking the PIN of the smart card.

    ParameterOnly check smartcard PIN on unlock
    Valuefalse / true
  • Fixed: Maximum number of simultaneous smartcard contexts were raised in smartcard resource manager PC/SC lite.


  • Changed default of userinterface.touchpad.tapping.TapButton1 registry key to 1 so tapping is active as default again (if set to 0 tapping is disabled).

CUPS Printing

  • Fixed handling of more than one printer and printer selection by USB IDs.
    • Fixed classification of some HP printers as scanners only which made printing impossible because of missing access rights.
  • Fixed TCP/IP print server functionality with USB printers. Printing was not possible in some cases, e.g. when certain other USB devices were connected.

Base system

  • Added driver for several Intel SOC NVME controller. Required for e.g. HP G8 250.
  • Added new parameter for custom font path configuration. Add a new instance for each custom font path:

    ParameterEnable Custom Font Path
    Registryx.fontpaths.custom<instance nr>.enabled
    Valueenabled / disabled
    ParameterCustom Font Path
    Registryx.fontpaths.custom<instance nr>.path
    ParameterFont Path Position
    Registryx.fontpaths.custom<instance nr>.position
    Value99 (default)
  • Fixed display configuration problems caused by wrong access permissions of /wfs/user/graphic folder.
  • Fixed battery indicator.
  • Fixed Setup Assistant - After acceptance of EULA, Demo License flow was not available.
  • Fixed wrongly shown Starter license info in Product ID on fully licensed devices.
  • Fixed product id for IGEL UD6.
  • Fixed issues with global proxy configuration.
  • Fixed sporadic failures while custom partition initialisation.
  • Fixed Finish button label in Setup Assistant.
  • Fixed missing generation number in Product ID (About and UMS).
  • Fixed applications from custom partition get killed when network is up.
  • Fixed IGEL system uses far too much RAM inside a VM.
  • Added registry key to allow old weak public key algorithms for older SSH servers.

    ParameterDisable weak Pubkey algorithms
    Valueenabled / disabled
  • Added registry key to switch between the default (igel) and the unchanged asound2 pulse plugin type:

    ParameterAsound2 plugins type
    Range[default] [igel] [vanilla]


  • Fixed Citrix terminate with Olympus RM4010P connected and hardware button pressed.
  • Fixed Olympus FootSwitch being detected as mouse buttons.
  • Added driver for MediaTek MT7921.
  • Fixed several problems of MediaTek MT7921 driver.

X11 system

  • Added new registry keys which can be useful to fix issues with monitors not waking up after DPMS off events.

    ParameterQuirk for DPMS Off to On event.
    ParameterWait time in seconds before executing quirk after DPMS event.
    ParameterWait time in seconds between two quirk states.
    ParameterWait time in seconds after execution of quirk.
    ParameterXrandr connector names where quirk should apply (empty means all)

X server

  • Fixed monitor configuration when modesetting graphics driver is enabled.
  • Added new registry keys for xorg modesetting options:

    ParameterUse linear framebuffer instead of tiling one.
    Range[Default[True] [False]
    ParameterUse variable refresh rate.
    Range[Default[True] [False]
    ParameterUse async flips for secondary video outputs on multi-display setups.
    Range[Default[True] [False]
    ParameterUse DRI3 page flipping.).
    Range[Default[True] [False]
    ParameterUse shadow framebuffer layer (default on).
    Range[Default[True] [False]
    ParameterUse double buffer for shadow updates (default depends on hardware).
    Range[Default[True] [False]
    ParameterUse software cursor (default off).
    Range[Default[True] [False]
    ParameterUse gamma look up table (warning some devices have problems with this).
    Range[Default[True] [False]

Window manager

  • Fixed taskbar clock is displaying seconds (again) if enabled in system registry.
  • Fixed taskbar was displayed incorrectly in some special configuration cases.


  • Added new registry key to disable initial boot framebuffer

    ParameterDisable use of initial boot framebuffer.
    Valueenabled / disabled


  • Fixed multimedia.disable_audio.pci registry key setting.
  • Fixed switch of Speaker / Headsets


  • Added new registry key to prefer i965 VAAPI driver over iHD (if usage of iHD cause trouble)

    ParameterPrefer i965 over iHD VAAPI driver
    Range[Default] [Prefer] [Force]

Remote Management

  • Fixed opening communication ports in rmagent - now all network ports use IPv4 only.
  • Fixed keepalive mechanism in rmagent. The mechanism must prevent premature closing connection by the UMS if a remote command takes a time period over 30 seconds.
  • Fixed removing files in the file transfer mechanism. Files are properly removed from the file system, when files are not assigned anymore to a device in the UMS.
  • Fixed UMS file transfer of trusted certificates which have spaces in file names.
  • Fixed IP address retrieving of a WLAN interface.
  • Fixed losing ICG connection on switching from LAN to WLAN - now a new ICG connection is established.
  • Fixed spurious creation of empty directories /wfs/ca-certs?* and /wfs/user?* when using certificates with spaces in filenames for file transfer.
  • Changed applying of remote settings received during boot - the settings are synced with the current local settings at the end of the boot process. If these changes require a system interaction to be applied (like restart of some
    services) then the user is asked about applying. The dialog is optional and quits after a timeout. This bugfix solves the problem, that the "Apply changes" dialog is shown on every boot.
  • Fixed evaluation of the exit status of a UMS generic job if the corresponding generic command is implemented as a systemd service.

IGEL Cloud Gateway

  • Fixed exchange of the ICG certificate chain.


  • Fixed keyboard mapping in shadowing sessions, especially with backslash, euro and at keys in French keyboard layout.