Menu path: Setup > User Interface > Input > Touchpad

Here, you can configure touchpad settings.

The actual settings options depend on the hardware supported by the particular touchpad.

  • Custom configuration

    ☑ Using the following options, adapt the touchpad to your needs.

    ☐ No custom configuration. (default)

  • Operating mode: Allows various touchpad modes. Possible values:
    • Enable touchpad
    • Switch off touchpad
    • Turn off tapping and scrolling only
  • Min speed: Minimum speed of the pointer in seconds (default: 1.00)
  • Max speed: Maximum speed of the pointer in seconds (default: 1.75)
  • Acceleration: Acceleration from the minimum to the maximum speed in seconds (default: 0.01)

With a number of touchpads, you can assign functions to the four corners. Specify which mouse button is clicked by tapping in the relevant corner:

  • No action
  • Left mouse button
  • Middle mouse button
  • Right mouse button

The following settings apply by default:

  • Action top left: No action
  • Action bottom left: No action
  • Action top right: Middle mouse button
  • Action bottom right: Right mouse button